“Never tell your secrets to a woman in love” Actress Lisa Omorodion berates women who tell their friends’ secrets to their significant other

Lisa Omorodion has pointed out a problem with women in love which ends up having a lasting effect even when the relationship is over.

The actress said women in love are fond of telling their significant others the secrets their female friends told them in confidence. She pointed out that this makes the boyfriend judge the friend wrongly and the impression the man has of the friend remains even after the relationship is over.

She told women in love that their friends’ secrets should remain with them and shouldn’t be used as pillow talk with their boyfriends.

She wrote: 


Your boyfriend is not my BEST FRIEND , you are my best friend . If I want him to know my secrets i will call a meeting with the two of you present and share it all.

Ladies NEVER ever tell your secrets to a woman in love. This woman in particular has certain characteristics – overly trusting, her legs jelly(aftermath of being swept off her feet a time too many) ,her stomach ridden with butterflies. Now, pillow talk is one of her favourite pastime with her new Boo; Information dished out here might even not be on a need to know basis. To some it’s for the simple reason of seeking validation to improve intimacy, for others its just GIST! Whatever the reason, secrets are spilled; mainly of the other person (you) blurring herself out of the picture while at it. After all said & said; her boyfriend can virtually see through you and in most cases judge you without you knowing.

Like a tornado, the relationship comes crashing! but guess the only thing that withstood this crash?? Your guess is as good as mine- your Secret/Gist! The ex boyfriend , the other one before this one and the one from 4 years ago have all left the building with TOO MUCH information.
A word for the unwise.. A boyfriend is NOT your husband …Stop betraying your friends!!

"Never tell your secrets to a woman in love" Actress Lisa Omorodion berates women who tell their friends
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