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Open Twitter Interview with Bhadoosky @BhadmusAkeem

Bhadmus Azeez

Hey guys, we recently hosted The Awards Winning Digital Media Guru on the open twitter interview #AskWithSpringers24 and it was all explosive as man held nothing back. See highlights of the interview below.

Springers24: Good evening @BhadmusAkeem and thanks for joining us tonight. You are frequently involved in social media publicity of top brands in Nigeria, referenced by various media, one of the most-versatile influencers from this part the world. How’s the journey like? #AskWithSpringers24
: Good evening, and thank you for having me. The journey started in 2012 while I was serving. Ever since then, it’s been God really. I built a brand around my name and personality online and offline. I guess this has been helping me till today. The journey has not been one was. There are good times and bad times as well. But in all, I must say that the journey has been sweet and interesting.

@GideonKola: Mr Badmus Hakeem, you were verified on twitter before, what happened?
It was removed. Twitter is solely owned by Jack. He does as he pleases. I have said it numerous time, anybody, I repeat, anybody can be suspended or stripped of the blue tick & nothing will happen. Heaven will not fall. Jack himself got hacked few weeks ago

@GideonKola: What gives essence to influencing? Meaningful content or savage post
Bhadoosky: Meaningful content does it for me. Being able to connect with my audience is key. I’ve got a lot of matured followers, so forcefeeding them with unnecessary savage post won’t yield anything. I keep it real all the time, and do funny when needed.

Springers24: Have you received any criticism as regarding your posts on twitter?
Bhadoosky: Of course, yes. It’s part of the movement. Everyone has freedom of expression. I don’t expect everyone to agree with my opinion all the time. One thing about me is I query my content and myself a lot before putting anything out.

@Gideonkola: What’s brand influencing?
Bhadoosky: This question can’t be tackled with a one tweet answer tho. But, brand influencing is basically giving a new or existing goods and services push to get more people to know about it and convert to purchasing decision. #AskWithSpringers24

Springers24: What is your biggest/weirdest fear
Bhadoosky: My biggest fear is failure. Failure is something I don’t like

Springers24: Which teacher in school made the most impact on you and how?
Bhadoosky: That will be Professor J.C Onyekwelu and Professor S.O Akindele of Forestry dept, FUTA.

GideonKola: Do you align with justifying your flaws with zodiac signs?
Bhadoosky: God forbid bad nonsense

Springers24: What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Bhadoosky: They are plenty. Having a happy home will be number one.

IchieD01: How do we spot/stop fake giveaways?
Bhadoosky: Spotting fake giveaways is kinda trickish. You have to watch the person doing the giveaway. You can’t be doing giveaway everyday and we can’t see people coming online to testify to winning. Except you are giving to ghosts.

Springers24: As a brand influencer, who’s your mentor?
Bhadoosky: I learned a lot from @TWEETORACLE. This man taught me so much from a far. I started learning from him when the word “Influencer” wasn’t a known phenomenon. He helped my brand become what it is today.

Macdonscoty: How has your experience in police detention impacted your activities.
Bhadoosky: Lol. Court case also followed. I was never detained tho. I was taken to Ondo and was asked to go on bail. I answer them whenever they need me till case got settled/discontinued. You can’t hide the truth from people forever because you are rich or powerful.

GideonKola: @Mz_Rubeey just got a hypothetical position in the public sector, will you allow her?
Bhadoosky: She has my support all the time

GideonKola: If twitter was not available then. Would you have been known
Bhadoosky: I’ve got over 300 articles written before I started getting used to twitter. Most of my first generation clients got to know me via my articles, not via twitter. At a point in time, I was writing for 5 websites and getting paid. I flourish on other platform.

Springers24: Let’s say @sodje and @PureMind__
are giant brand owners and they have offered you a nice package to stop all jobs for a competing brand. How would you respond to this?
Bhadoosky: I don’t think anyone or brand can pay my exclusivity fee. I don’t think so. Some have tried, but couldn’t foot the bill.

Springers24: Of all the months in a year, which one has 28 days?
Bhadoosky: February of a leap year
Springers24: Which one doesn’t?

GideonKola: Who taught you sex?
Bhadoosky: Na God ooo… smiles

GideonKola: With the giant strides made by your governor, do you think he will sustain it @BhadmusAkeem #askwithspringers24
Springers24: It’s a 4 year journey. I wish him success all the way.

Springers24: Apart from being a brand influencer? What are your hobbies? Or what do you do have passion for and also fetch you money?
Bhadoosky: I love football. I love writing articles (both academics and entertainment). I love going out to have fun with my family and friends. I do a lot of rendering of services. I financial service in 6 unbanked area of Ibadan and I make money from their aswell. #AskWithSpringers24

@andy_banty2: How do you get to manage people and how they treat you online and offline based on your social media status
Bhadoosky: Sincerely, I receive love and respect both online and offline. I also treat people with love and respect everywhere.

Springers24: 1hr with Bhadoosky @BhadmusAkeem
What would you like to say about this Interview session on #AskWithSpringers24? A miss or a hit?
Bhadoosky: A hit #AskWithSpringers24

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