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The demons of Nigeria couldn’t stop our global champion

Tobi Amusan becomes the first Nigerian to win gold medal at the diamond league following her historic 12.06 world record in the 100m hurdle event. (Photo credit: BBC)

I like how everyone is famzing Tobi Amusan after we woke up to her world record in the diamond league but how many people offered her solace when her dream was truncated in Lagos not too long ago by the demons of our land?

Tobi Amusan broke the world record in the 100m hurdles in Lagos but was told it wouldn’t count because the electronic scoreboard wasn’t working due to power outage; you know that thing they say about Nigeria happening to you? She witnessed it first-hand.

I don’t know about you, but tears rolled down my cheek when I saw the video of the young champion on the podium as she received her medal and Nigeria’s national anthem blitzed out of the loud speaker, not sure I’ve ever been that emotional about our national anthem, not even when the Super Eagles are playing.

It’s all joy today as she danced to Buga on the track while celebrating with fans, many Nigerians with WhatsApp on their smartphones are uploading her and feeling cool that she’s Nigerian, well I am writing about her too so I fall into same category, I digress.

Not so much of a digression actually, Michael Johnson decided to subscribe to premium dragging from Nigerians by technically insinuating that the clock wasn’t correct and the wind may have influenced the 12.06 that Tobi came through with, you may have to check Twitter to see how it’s going with him.

I really don’t think it’s okay to drag him tho and I will never join such herd mentality, his head looks a lot like bicycle seat and his nose is like orijin pet bottle. I don’t understand why he opens his mouth wide like ablution kettle to say nonsense about our girl that made us proud, well… I won’t join the dragging.

Nigeria will happen to everybody; we must accept that and it’s amazing how no one is talking about waiting till it gets better anymore. LOL, someone said if you throw a stone in a UK university, there are chances the stone will hit a Nigerian banker who has dumped GTB or Zenith for better life in the UK.

Someone said if Obasanjo was still Nigeria’s president, we’d have had a public holiday today to celebrate Tobi Amusan’s feat, LMAO Nigerians are lazy AF but lemme run out of here before I get stoned; I was attacked by many when I complained about the holls given to us for Sallah break and I’ve not recovered from that LOL.

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