How to make people like you

Fasten your seat belt guys

  1. Don’t tell anyone about anything about anyone else.

2. Always smile when you meet someone.

3. Spread your positive vibes to other people.

4. Don’t complain too much about too many things.

5. Make other feel important and make people feel needed.

6. Let others be themselves around you.

7. Create a comfortable vibe with people.

8. Don’t try to make others open up but make them open up by themselves.

9. Ask questions when necessary and always keep your cool even in crises.

10. Don’t keep talking about yourself, don’t answer more than you are asked

11. When people did well, appreciate and compliment them.

12. Create an emotional bridge with people and spread peace not hate.

13. When you borrow, do well to pay up even before deadline and don’t make borrowing an habit.

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