Many Colours of Success

We live in a world where money literally means success, where assumptions overrule certainties and stereotyped beliefs instill fears in people.

It’s a great thing to dream, hope and fantasizes, but to what end? Dreams, especially for the undisciplined is a waste of time because it will shift with circumstances and will most likely remain a dream till such person dies, which makes the mortuary the wealthiest abode in human existence. Hope on the other hand is futile without real hard work, can be narrowed depending on the size of the expectations but with a recent cliché that most people have adopted which says “expectations bring disappointment”… I wonder what this means.

What is success? Outstanding performance at an examination? Marriage at the end of a long courtship? Pregnancy after a long wait? Victory at a highly competitive pitch? Victory at the polls as a politician? Hitting the jackpot at a lotto? Lifting the trophy as a champion in a sport competition? Acquiring a new car? Dedicating a new property? Getting a new job? Winning a gruesome court verdict? Name it, but the truth is, success is anything and everything, depending on what makes you happy and fulfilled; for some, it’s the least of your imaginations, what success means to a young school boy can’t possibly be same for a wealthy real estate lord, but one thing is constant… The effect of it.

The world certainly have gotten it wrong with the true definition of success, some sections, especially in the western celebrity world would hype a man, who transforms into a lady in a transgender activity over poor widow who laboured hard to see a child become something in life. Recently, a young first class graduate of the university of Lagos was given a meager consolation while brands run after college drop outs who manage to scribble slangs on papers and head to some studio to fashion out music… How pathetic. We’ve seen people, even learned

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people run after half baked politicians just because of the crumbs of bread they pick around them… That’s success to them.

The fast lane is the only route everyone is interested in these days, that explains why there are more destiny accidents than auto crashes, the size of people’s dreams have become so much of a burden, instead of a blessing. Social vices on the rise, government not helping matters but individual must accept the blames for the ills. It’s great to dream, but how much of spirited hard work are you willing to offer to actualise the dreams? Nothing is impossible, regardless of your faith, success is attainable, depending on what you think success is; whether it’s about getting a good job, keeping a family and impacting the society or about acquiring money, women and social status, long term fulfilment will determine if you’re successful or you just lived without really living. 

Say in ten years, when the flashy things of today no longer matter, would you still be a success? Look back, all those things that were the centre of attraction ten years ago, are they still relevant? The Mercedes V-Boot, the Thuraya phone, the then big four-legged TV… Do they still rule? If ephemeral things are indeed a success, why do they run out of vogue? The only true definition of success is whatever you achieve today and lasts forever, and that’s one thing… Fulfilment. 

Remember, the true quality of a man’s success is in his decisions. What is the quality of your decision? What is the size of your dream? If you can answer truthfully, then you can tell the colour of your success.

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