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How to write a compelling Instagram post

We use Instagram regularly and come across several posts in a day.

Most of the content that we find on our discover window depends on the content that we had searched previously. However, there are very few posts that leave a great remark on our brains.

So how would you know if your content is one of those compelling posts? This article will surely be of help to you in this regard:

Know the audience for whom you are creating the content. 🚻
It is equally important to know the kind of people who would be interested in your product post than just trying to create a post. For this, go to your last post and see the people who liked that post. Check their Instagrams.

That will allow you to know what kind of bloggers and travellers your product post is reaching. You can try to create similar posts in a more creative way to reach similar but larger audience.

Try to tell stories through your posts. 🖼️
Caption’s importance can never be neglected. But instead of narrating events yourself, let your pictures do the necessary talking. Use multiple images, or even a single image will have the ability to tell different stories to different people.

It is important to engage people and make them connect with your story in your post.

Write relatively smaller captions. 📃
When you’ve established a connection between the post and the viewer, allow them to know your perspective as well.
Write a smaller yet creative caption that could be telling the story or narrating your experience taking that picture. Most people also prefer to add a tinge of their poems in the caption section. You can try that too.

Do not forget to add hashtags. #️⃣
Add hashtags according to your audience. For example, if your audience is photographer community, add hashtags like #shotonpixel, #photographercommunity etc.

Similarly, for beauty and fashion audience, add #s like, #fashionblogger, #fashionaddict etc. Without hashtags your posts are largely meaningless. You can refer to our previous article on how to create hashtags or check them out on our app CaptionPlus.

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