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Ifedolapo Runsewe is spearheading the creation of a more environmentally sustainable future in Nigeria by utilizing recycled waste tyres.

Ifedolapo Runsewe is on the hunt for a different kind of “black gold” in Nigeria. Despite the country’s status as a major exporter of crude oil, Runsewe’s focus isn’t on petroleum this time.

Based in Ibadan, southwestern Nigeria, Runsewe is a forward-thinking entrepreneur and the founder of Freee Recycle, a waste management company dedicated to transforming discarded vehicle tyres into useful products. Through Freee Recycle, Runsewe aims to promote a circular economy and contribute to environmental sustainability.

“The growing concern about waste generation and its impact on our environment motivated me,” Runsewe explained of her journey towards sustainability. After years of corporate experience in sales and operations, she sought a path to entrepreneurship.

The social entrepreneur helping drive Nigeria’s green economy

The social entrepreneur helping drive Nigeria’s green economy

Her inspiration struck while passing by a landfill emitting toxic fumes from burning tyres. Disturbed by the sight, she delved into research, discovering the alarming projections of waste production in Nigeria. With over 100 million tonnes estimated annually by 2050, the country faces significant challenges in waste management, including illegal dumping and inadequate processing facilities.

Tyres, in particular, pose a major problem due to their limited value post-use and environmental hazards during decomposition or burning. Runsewe dedicated years to research, design, and securing funding before officially launching Freee Recycle in 2020.

“We faced numerous challenges, from training our staff to importing technology,” she recalled. “But we persisted because we believed in the importance of our mission.” Despite setbacks, Runsewe remains committed to her vision of a greener, more sustainable future for Nigeria.

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