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It is delicate to sleep on ideas.

Businesspeople brainstorming with creative ideas

I recently attended an event where the speaker was speaking about his intention to start a podcast in 2021.

While he was still fine-tuning his idea and setting up the necessary equipment for the podcast, he started noticing the emergence of more podcasters who looked all prepared and resourceful in terms of content and gadgets, trust Nigerians to go all out once they notice a new trend… Hilda Bacci.

He expressed his dissatisfaction at how wrong narratives are being promoted on podcasts and even being sponsored by top influencers for more views. That is just an example.

My guy, the world does not revolve around you. The idea you have and keep to yourself is conceived by thousands of others. Understandably, you might not want to start unprepared, but you certainly won’t like yourself when you see people doing things you could do better in an absolute sh*t way.

Think about it, and take intentional steps today.

One thought on “It is delicate to sleep on ideas.”

  1. Jaykaz says:

    Nice piece, nail art in Nigeria has been booming since time immemorial

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