Proven WhatsApp Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Sales

No doubt the world is evolving and we are moving with it and to keep doing business in the traditional way is not different from using a typewriter to print a resume… sleeping on the bicycle right?

Truth be told, for a small scale business owners, getting conversions from the WhatsApp contact list might be an easy task while to others, it could be a real-time frustrating adventure that can send local man back to the village. God forbid amen?

It all starts with perception and trust. Don’t be surprised, some people will never buy from you no matter how hard you push not because they do not need your product, but because they do not believe you can sell good stuff or “your type of person” can sell “that type of product”

For instance, Tomi is your former classmate whom you know to be cool. She is on your contact and you have not patronized her human hair business just because you have formed an opinion that her product is expensive and low in quality even when you have not tested it or get negative feedback from anyone regarding the human hair product.

That is Trust and Perception virus baby. It is like a tough stain that sticks to an expensive Balaciaga hoodie 🤷🏻 🙁

The easiest way to earn trust and beat the perception barrier is being Verified or Confirmed by WhatsApp which comes with a green and grey checkmark badge on the business profile but this is only for major brands and airlines like the Dutch KLM. That doesn’t come easily but more verified profiles will become available as the system matures.

But then, you can maintain a regular business profile and still be getting buzzed up repeatedly for orders. Let’s roll… Amen?

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Take it or leave it, WhatsApp is a form of a virtual office for all business owners where transactions, negotiations, and other business communication takes place.

WhatsApp Status in real life

Let’s assume you have 1000 contacts on your phone, there are chances that only 600 of the numbers are registered on WhatsApp, 400 are active users (upload status, view status, chat on WhatsApp, active in groups, etc) and only 200 will view your status within the 24hours view window.

In every 200 that view your advertisement on your status, there are chances that 20% of them will be interested or knows someone who will need your product.

Don’t be confused, you be get buzzed for different reasons, some will what to know more about the product and the pricing while some are buzzing just to know what type of stuff you do.

Don’t bother yourself if your contacts only make enquiries but do not patronize you. One good thing is that everyone that views your status and get a good understanding of what you sell is likely to patronize you someday.


  1. Interact with people’s post. Do this intentionally to start a random conversation so they can have you in mind for buying or referring to someone since they already know what you sell. It is okay to remind them of what you sell as the chat keeps flowing. If they don’t seem to know what you sell, politely and confidently introduce it to them.
  2. Ensure you have the contact details saved with their correct name at the first interaction because some of them might not check back until months or even years and be sure contacts are saved up on your google or iCloud account so as to have it backed up in the cloud.
  3. Occasionally check up on your contact to see how they are doing and matter how busy you are, always respond to chats maybe not immediately but sure you do. 
  4. Avoid a bead status. Keep status at all times. Do not have more than 10 status update at a time, if your contact engages you, ask if you can send more pictures or give them a link to your IG or website. Else, it will get boring, predictive and they won’t check again to see new products. They can even block you and if they do, you will be forgotten. I know people who block contacts because of status threads of market product.
  5. Be fast to add up new contacts because you want more views to your profile. Automatic opening response with no followup or responses within 5mins is annoying unless it is outside your working hours as stated in your profile.
  6. Don’t always put sales items on your status. Sometimes talk about other topics like fashion, soccer, comedy, spirituality, motivational or something different. This is a strategy to keep contacts visiting your profile always.
  7. Let your display picture be your picture or something that speak of what you do. Also, remember to have contact details including social media handles in your bio if you have.
  8. Flow with your customer’s chat pattern and maintain professionalism. If they type in pidgin, respond with pidgin. If they type in English, use English. Chat in their most convenient language. 
  9. Be sure your product is not substandard. This will help you maintain respect, more sales and aid recommendations. Keep to your word. If you defraud them, they will report you to their bank and that can lead to BVN flagging. You don’t want to go through that ordeal.
  10. No matter what, be friendly and treat everybody as important as King keeping in mind that some pricing will annoy you because they are actually ridiculous. Still, maintain politeness.
  11. Always ask for feedback and recommendations when they buy your product/service. Do encourage them to snap a peng picture and request they send so you can add them to your model to encourage others(If it is fashion item).
  12. Avoid abbreviating your texts.
  13. Don’t be boring, never respond “okay” with “K”… you know it’s annoying, right?
  14. Don’t be boring, adopt the use of voice notes if you feel it will be better to voice the description of your product.

15. You don’t know who is trying to look into your WhatsApp chat. Secure WhatsApp with Two-Step Verification to avoid unauthorized access to your business.

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