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Reliable and efficient dispatch delivery is possible in Nigeria – Israel Ipadeola

Over time, lots of businesses have shut down over customers’ experiences with delivery partners; going by social media responses across multiple channels, one of the key factors that frustrate businesses, especially those that rely on logistic companies is the reliability of their delivery guys.
Experience shows a huge gap in the logistics industry, where many vendors sometimes have to hit the road themselves to deliver goods to customers when dispatch riders disappoint. Incidentally, most customers don’t regard the dispatch riders as the problem when complaining online, they quickly label the vendor a fraud and call the business out for cancellation, thereby killing innocent businesses at the altar of dispatch riders’ errors.

Israel Ipadeola, Chief Operating Officer of Speedy Hub Logistics, a new outfit breaking into the Nigerian business terrain has maintained that it is possible for businesses to find joy with delivery of their goods and services with an efficient firm. The vastly experienced logistics professional leads the team at Speedy Hub, a brand that is taking Logistics, Procurement and Security by the horn with the hopes of making huge impact in the industry and help businesses deliver promptly while building their brand image.

However, he clarified that Speedy Hub doesn’t start operations fully until the 29th of June 2020.

Speedy Hub is active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and will be sharing branded items as well as cash for followers, check out @SpeedyHub on Twitter and on Instagram.

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