Why do y’all hate Mondays?

 Mondays are meant to be enjoyed, not endured… What do you think?

When people update their social media posts immediately after lunchtime on Sundays, it’s usually gloomy and depressing, the departure from the fun posts from Friday evening to Sunday morning is always obvious, the reason is because most people hate Mondays.

Why do most people have low energy on Mondays? I say this for a fact, Mondays are my favourite days, wait… After Fridays of course but I always look forward to a fresh start but everywhere I’ve been, I realize I’m the only one on this vibe.

I know WPRs can be damning but that’s only when you have nothing to report, and in that regard, it’s because you’re not doing your job as you should, WPR should be an opportunity for you to shine, it’s always my avenue to gloat, you don’t feel the same way?

Trust me there are Mondays I don’t have lots to report in terms of progress but I’ll still finesse my way through, shey my Tuscan leather is small in your nose ni? Ah finesse, I will find a way through bro, the energy has to be 100… no jokes.

As I come in with full DJ Khalid vibes, rich sugarless Davidoff coffee and snacks (if Godwin decides to behave), I send my WPR to Eniola and walk into the meeting with my shoulders high, “gbas gbos” happens, it is what it is, we move regardless…

Monday is quite depressing for most, after losing home training from Friday till late Sunday evening, how to face the new working week is usually a problem for lots, I always wonder why, to be honest, shouldn’t we be excited at another opportunity to win?

Let me state this too, if you always feel down at the thoughts of going to work, please quit that job, what you do next isn’t really my business but you will never be productive on a job you’re not happy about, in that instance, it will always be about the payday…

I’ve had colleagues that I wonder how unfortunate it must be to work with, not because they’re not great people but they just don’t like their job, I won’t be surprised if data is released and more than half of the respondents actually hate their jobs.

That brings me to the part where people take jobs that don’t suit their person or desires all in the name of leaving the house or earning something, it’s suicidal if you ask me because you won’t add value and you won’t be happy still.

It’s easier said I know right, but you too see: What does it profit you to take a job that fucks with your mental health? I’m in my desired job so it’s easy for me to say right? Well, I was once outside advertising and I was frustrated, I left to chase my dreams and thankfully… We’re here.

I think we need to find ways to enjoy our Mondays, it sets the tone for the rest of the week, it’s also the only day I get to wear a suit, come on guys… Mondays should be fun and exciting, let’s end that culture of the natural hatred for Mondays…

What is your Monday story? Do you find Mondays amazing like me or you’re one of those that think there should be a day between Sunday and Monday just to prepare for the real Monday? Balance me with your takes and thanks as you drop your name while at it. Love and light.

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