The Unusual Union of a Trainer and The Trainee – #LammyJay2023

The enchanting love story of Olamide and James began in the formal training room of a top Nigerian bank. Fate, it seems, had crafted a unique plan for Olamide, a newly recruited staff member, and James, her training instructor. Little did they know that their shared path would eventually lead to a love story brimming with beautiful moments.


James had to teach beyond the scope of the syllabus the moment Olamide walked into the training room. Shouldn’t the bank invite him for questioning? lmao

Olamide and James, two souls from diverse backgrounds, soon discovered striking similarities that transcended their colleague roles. Their connection blossomed into a profound friendship, with James taking on the mentor role, guiding Olamide as she settled into her new position.

As days turned into months and coffee breaks turned into hearty laughter, their bond grew like compound interest, steadily growing stronger with each passing moment.

As the tides of life continued to ebb and flow, and the winds of destiny steered their course forward, Olamide and James realised that their connection was destined for something more profound. They took the leap, transitioning from friends to lovers, forever intertwining their lives.

Olamide and James exchanged vows in August 2023 in the presence of friends and family. With love as their compass and God as their steadfast anchor, they embarked on this beautiful path, knowing that forever was the only destination etched in their hearts.

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