The return of premier league and the realities for waiting fans

Good people of the world wherever you are, lovers of football and the best league anywhere you turn, raise your glasses in joyous, yet tearful toast to the return of the most anticipated TV series, the English Premier League; we fought gallantly, waited in pains and in agony, endured bad news from every country in form of numbers of casualties, while many leaders were exposed of their thoughtless ineptitudes, we learned new terms, became Biology students overnight as well as emergency prayer warriors, from China to the rest of the world, we lost teams squaring up for long as humans, health workers and victims especially went up against a virus with a better forgotten name, coaches substituted match day stadium benches for garden games, players found new hobbies and fans fought weight, frustrations, hunger – depending on where you’re reading from and lots of uncertainties, today with joy, we’re confident that in just a few days, disease control centers across the world would no longer be the ones to show us numbers that matter, but fourth officials displaying shirt numbers of players to come on, football is officially back… Welcome again!

Feels like a new year, new hopes and great opportunity for teams to finish higher than they would have, everyone is starting at par, regardless of squad quality, it feels like fair match from the restart, teams can dream and fans can be proud, the virus isn’t gone, but we will live with it with strength and caution till it finds another home, what matters however is the fact that Manchester United can watch Bruno Fernandes again, celebrate more assists to Martial from their Portuguese magician and watch David De Gea shout at Luke Shaw as always, they will still ask lots of questions whenever they see Jesse Lingard try to take on players like a ballet dancer, he couldn’t have learned to play properly even if they gave him Johan Cryuff as manager, fans wouldn’t mind as long as they see Rashford blasting free kicks to the corner flags, football is welcome.

Take a look at London, Jose Mourinho thinks Spurs were too nice in their losses before the break, fans wouldn’t want goalless draws but they would take five asides over nothing, they must be braced for loads of leg breaking tackles and a damaged truck, Heung Min Son would learn new wingback tricks but fans would see football again, maybe from homes and screens, but they would see live football anyway.

Congratulations Arsenal, football is back, which means Alexandre Lacazette still has more shots off target to flaunt, Hector Bellerin can’t wait to show off his bald head, Granit Xhaka can still pass the ball from distance, he hasn’t forgotten how to get booked too, David Luiz will still partner Shkodran Mustafi, oh did they think he was sold during the pandemic break?

Whatever happens, football is back and we’ll celebrate, Chelsea will be great to watch next season, but for the concluding part of this returning installment, they will have to deal with their inconsistent defense and attack; the names in the news can scare the best of teams but that’s till next season, money is good, and so is victory, Liverpool will have their title after the long wait, City will learn how to fight next time and the teams below will take their chances, for now, we just want to sing… Football is back, with its ecstasy and frustrations… Bring it on!

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