War is stressful, embrace peace

What on earth is more priceless than peace? I’ll wait. (Photo credit: Google)

We all don’t react to situations the same way but, if we take a step back in the heat of the moment, I’m convinced we’d be better for it more often than not.

The craziest of situations we’ve had to go through have been resolved by the simplest of ideas; the resolutions that have brought us priceless peace are usually the ones that take absolutely nothing to arrive at, why then don’t we breathe instead of losing it?

I know it’s quite easy to say but, if we look at things from other people’s perspectives sometimes, and not sink into our own worlds alone, we’ll learn to be more tolerant, to be a lot more understanding and we’ll probably more empathetic towards people and second opinions.

I’ve seen people sit back after a long time running into years to reflect and wish they did things differently; I’ve personally had to evaluate and wondered if a few minutes of patience could have offered me a different result at different instances and yes, they could well have…

I know there are days we feel slighted when people say certain things to us and we just want to fight back and score cheap points with verbal prowess but, why then do we regret saying things when the night comes and it’s time to cuddle pillows?

Look, I like to fight back “as e dey hot” but hey, I’ve come to realize that walking away doesn’t ruin everything, and raising a voice doesn’t win every battle; I am particular about the damage that comes impulsive reactions, will you be proud of the video when your nerves are calmed?

I’m not a preacher of war, maybe not as gentle as this post suggests but, I hope you find peaceful ways to handle your weakest moments; emotional intelligence is probably the biggest gift of power, knowing went to apply brute and when not to is another. Peace be unto you

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