Do this on this day and thank me later

Today is world’s international day for peace… Who are you making peace with today? (Photo credit: Ivory kween)

Today, 22nd September 2022 is the International day for peace and I am asking you to make good use of today to follow peace with all men… It’s good for your mental health.

If I randomly message you today, know it’s my way of either making peace or reaching out to you to advise you to maintain same energy; I have forgiven everyone that slighted me in the past, including Paulina that chose Bishop over me, she deserved the trenches feeling she got last night.

Personally, I don’t have the heart for grudges and that is why I sometimes look like I try too much to stay in good books but, when my own choko comes calling, that is when people realize Jesus is not a Chelsea fan but they won’t remember the days I’ve been calm like William Saliba.

Anyways, today is for peace and I will live up to it. There’s a long standing issue I must quash and I will try today; There’s another I didn’t think would ever come to roost but then… Life knows how to switch things up like big brother so I’ll fix that today too.

Errr… here’s to you Sonia, I know you’re reading this and I must give you award as one of my incurable fans LOL, get on that phone and call Fred or die single. Wait, y’all remember the story of these two idiots and the photography contest yh? They haven’t come back since then, only subbing each other on WhatsApp statuses, nonsense.

Who is that person you have sworn never to forgive? Is it really worth it? Who is that person you vowed never to talk to again? Do you want to think about it again and wonder if you’ll free up some space in your heart with less burdens? Trust me it will do you a lot of good.

I have lots of Chelsea fans to forgive and here’s me telling y’all you’re forgiven. I was angry with one of my good friends; dude said arrant rubbish in a space and didn’t even realize it but right now, I figure he doesn’t really have sense like that so… You’re forgiven and I will probably buy you drink this weekend, not cigarettes idiot!

I can’t forget those I have offended too, I am very annoying and I know if I was at the other end I just might not like me too LMAO buh hey, I’m a hell of a great guy so, if you’re reading this and you have bones to pick with me, you know I just might not know, reach out and I will happily apologize.

Follow peace with all men and in all you do… Let love lead!


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