My Dirty Boxers

Sorry darling, you can’t fly with a clipped wing!

The eagle wants to fly but her wings are clipped by the gardeners that she trusted for peas and nuts, God bless Nigeria. (Photo credit: Amaka)

On this occasion of Nigeria’s Independence Day celebrations, I penned this piece as it reflects the state of the nation. It all looks bleak with the lots at the helm but I am hopeful that someday, the bird will break free from the shackles of the clips and fly again…

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about the land that is flowing with milk and honey but can you relate? They say we’re endowed but does it reflect in the lives of the average Joes on the street? Where then does the hope of the common man lie if he can’t access the much advertised milk and honey?

You’ve heard it before, milk and honey

Whatever that means, to me it’s funny

The love is fake, unlike hunny bunny

It’s raining tears, who will make it sunny?

The land is ailing, the birds are wailing

Nothing is working; best brains are bailing

The Visa man is busy, ships are sailing

Bloodlines reduced to calls, texts and mailing

Again, they talk about milk and honey

But it’s all pains, tales of woes

Who stole our milk, who stole our honey?

Keeping us in doldrums… the lowest of lows

The birds would fly but wings are clipped

The eagle will soar, open the cage

Let the Naira breathe, let the country shine

A prayer of a better page on her new age.

Happy Independence Day celebrations Nigeria

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