Why do Women go through so much discomfort to look good?

Lush hair extension activation earlier today at ICM. Women spend so much and go through a lot to look good, respect them please. (Photo credit: Ramsey’s iPhone)

Welcome back to my dirty boxers, my safe place where I talk about anything and everything. Not sure I can remember the last time I welcomed you guys officially, I’ve been rude yh? Don’t be angry and it’s not like I’ll do better tomorrow, so accept the apology today and hope I don’t have to apologize again tomorrow.

By now I’m pretty sure you know I don’t have anything to say today, that’s why I started with an apology, but trust me to engage you regardless. Yesterday I talked about Wig by Mabel that scammed me and most of you laughed at me.

It’s okay to laugh really, many of you weren’t empathetic and not like I’m pained, but it has happened to the best of people so I’ll hold on to that as a consolation.

It’s been a tough week. Work has never been this demanding and it’s what we signed up for so I won’t complain; Fuel scarcity hasn’t made life easier and the power folks won’t behave, Lagos isn’t easy to live in but it is what it is.

So I have a question, how do women do it that they sit on one seat for ten hours all in the name of making braids? The will to appear strong and independent won’t make them accept it but I am convinced that life is already hard against that gender and I’m asking, why do they make it harder?

I had reasons to be on the activation ground for Lush, your best hair extension brand. The plan is to help anyone and everyone that walks in the beauty haven – brand theatre – and buys an extension to have their hair done free of charge, cool idea yh?

Most ladies that came in earlier requested to do what y’all call braids, my ladies declined and I asked why, they said it’s because it takes time, and sometimes it could be up to ten freaking hours, for fuck sakes why? Like why?

Apparently, most ladies we see on the streets looking all peng in flowing hairs and cute braids went through hell to appear that good, yes I know it’s their choices to look how they want but… I’m trying to understand how easy it is to sit for that long for that purpose.

We have to appreciate these women abeg, they try too much to look good for themselves and for us by extension. It’s not cheap to look good, and majority of the time it comes with lots of pains, yet some of you people of my gender will still make them feel awkward…

I know someone who has lots of “Aso ebi” but she hardly wears them more than once. I asked her one time and the response shocked me; apparently they sew these gorgeous dresses in a way that they will have to make some sacrifices to be able to wear them.

Many of them don’t eat before going to these parties, while I am of the opinion that flat tummy won’t matter in heaven, it’s not easy to convince them in that regard. Adekemi doesn’t eat until she comes back from a party, her elder sister that can’t joke with food always end up squeezing her waist trainer in her bag.

I don’t know if this “aso ebi” narrative apply to all of them but they hardly fit into it after the occasion they made them for. They also have to invest in shoes and bags, those on low cut will invest in wigs or spend time at the salon making that hair look like premium Nancy Isime… I respect y’all mhen.

The ones I’m talking about also spend so much on perfumes. What constitute their average appearance is not cheap and the least you can do is to either complement them or leave them the fuck alone, you’re not a king if your woman doesn’t look like a queen.

Valentine is coming, make a woman happy this season of love. You don’t have to be sexually involved with them to show them love. Buy your female colleagues a gift, your neighbors, your friends and siblings, anyone at all… Show them love.

They say no rest for the wicked, I’m not one but God knows I need a break. I don’t see one in sight so I have to get back to the grind. Happy weekend and do leave a message for me. While at it, kindly leave your name as well, sub me with your chest and stop hiding under unknown, Love and light.

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