You Are The Best Of Your Kind

Regardless of what is happening around you, remain positive and keep your head up… You’re doing well. (Photo credit: Google)

Today is one of those days I just have to address a topic as succinct as I can, owing to the shortage of free time to do this and premised on the fact that this message is important for someone, maybe me too.

I understand that there’s a thing called humility check and sometimes, people like to play down their own achievements or question their own efforts; it’s okay to stay awake to responsibilities so you don’t believe your own hype like some Nigerian politicians.

Take this from me today and let it be your peace, you’re doing well and you should not beat yourself over certain uncertainties. You’re doing great, you don’t have it worse and whatever it is that you’re going through, it has happened to the best of people.

You applied for a job and they didn’t call you back? It’s their loss honestly, no serious employer would sleep on an intelligent human like you. You’re shooting your shot at someone and he or she is doing like NEPA? Please put on your generator, you’re too important for anyone to feel like a delegate over your life.

You’re working on something and everyone is criticizing it? Take their criticism with an open mind, effect the feedback where you can and don’t ever feel you’re not enough. That guy in white Mercedes splashed muddy water on you on the highway? Move on my Gee, when you buy your own car, I bet my life you’d do the same; he probably didn’t do it intentionally and rainy season hardly helps…

I have to go so I don’t turn to Slimee with the “aspire to Maguire”, whatever the situation is, don’t beat yourself about anything… You’re doing just well, try to be better, keep reinventing yourself and as much as you can, listen more.

See y’all tomorrow.

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