My Worries About PVC Concert

The EU is right behind the PVC concert, trying to help the youth to be actively involved in the election process but have we planned well enough? (Photo credit: Falz)

I saw a video of the PVC concert at TBS and I worry a lot about our priorities. While I commend the drive of the opinion leaders in trying to make sure that more youths participate in the forthcoming election, the method is questionable and it might give birth to another crisis on its own.

I saw a video of a situation at TBS that will most likely result in a stampede, if not properly managed, lives will be lost and lots of people will be injured; the government will pin the lives on the youth and the youths will find ways to switch the narrative to blame the government… There’s only one loser.

Each time I remember how badly we managed EndSars, I cringe at a repeat of it especially when the advantage is with us; the goal of the PVC concert is to ensure more youths take the coming election seriously but why are they registering at the venue of the concert?

The social media amplification of the concert was enough to get interested attendees to register ahead of today, the registration point should have been taken far away from the venue of the concert. Whatever happens with the crowd that I saw, which already overwhelmed the registration point would be linked to the concert and who’s to blame?

The latest news is that folks are having fun at the concert and that is good to hear, but those that want to attend the concert but do not have voters card have to register at a point and that point is overcrowded, what is the plan for that?

My worry is simple: this coward government will seek all ways possible to nail the youths ahead of the election, they will still use many of us against us (standard practice) only that we don’t know who they would be but trust me… Many of them are currently shouting and jumping at the PVC concert

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