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Apocalypto is one movie I would never forget

Apocalypto was one hell of a movie, have you seen it?

I have seen Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto more times than I can remember and if it’s airing again today, I’ll happily see it again and that’s on God.

Beyond the story and the picture quality, there’s this feeling I get from each scene and how I find it relatable to personal life scenarios every freaking time. It is the story of a lost kingdom and the prowess of a certain Jaguar boy.

The second on the list of movies I’ll never get tired of watching is Mr. Bones! That was some project way back and I’m not going to be surprised if it’s the movie I’ve seen the most. There was a period of my life that I was seeing it everyday without skipping any part.

It’s the story of an African king that desperately wanted a male child. The gods told him he got one already and needed to conjure everything on earth to bring him home. It’s probably the funniest movie to me and I can recount each scene without missing any.

Saworo Ide is the next on the list. I have a rich history with Tunde Kelani and Mainframe clan, from the days of Oleku, to Ti Oluwa ni ile, Yellow Card and Magun. Saworo Ide was the thing in my family for over a year in the very early 2000s.

It was the mirror of the Nigerian society that was predicated on the failures of the military governments and the coups that overthrew democratic dispensations. The class acts from veteran actors would always gladden any disciple of quality theatre… Many of them are late now by the way.

Coming to America should get a mention too. I’m talking about the original one from way back and not the sequel that didn’t even leave the airport. Funny, interesting and captivating too. Not so much of a big Eddie Murphy fan but that one got me.

Remember Diamond Ring? The introduction of Teju Baby Face to the movie world, he didn’t feature in lots afterwards anyways. RMD killed it and scenes from the flick still play up in my head. Liz Benson and late Zainab Ajayi bodied it too.

Godfather is one of the best movies ever made, it should get a mention. Catch me if you can is another one that I saw a good number of times. Osuofia in London, largely because my folks liked it and I can say the same for Isakaba… Sam Dede killed that project cleanly.

Dive way back and run me the list of movies you watched many times without getting tired, let me see if we have a thing in common or if I would go see anyone on your list that I may have missed

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