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Buga: Flaunt your success!

This is my song of the moment and it tells me lots of things about owning my own success. I will celebrate it and flaunt it to your faces, deal with it. Maintain same energy too. (Photo credit: Tekno)

Kizz Daniel’s Buga is living rent-free in my head and I’m not complaining. The rhythm of the song and the quality of the guy’s delivery speaks of class, I don’t stan nonsense

Unfortunately, there’s a limit to how I can explore that song; my guy is saying “whatever happens, show off, flaunt it… Do shakara” but we live in a world where you can’t even post fine pictures without someone saying you’re proud…

You can’t be grateful for a new achievement without someone saying you’re showing off, it is their own witchcraft trust me but you have to be careful too, err… Scratch that, abeg show off. Flaunt your achievement, you labored for it yeah? Then enjoy it!

You just got a new car? Post it and insert a deep quote. Your baby just arrived? Serve us fresh JPEGs and send us your house address to come and eat rice, let haters continue to hate while we get drunk on the celebration, we’re not enemies of progress.

You’re launching a new business? We’ll happily patronize you, and post it for us to thank God for you. Did you win an award? Their daddies, gloat and choke us with fine pictures, you worked for it, show off, I stand with you, if leg pains me too much I sit with you.

I’m for you celebrating your wins, lo lo lo lo… Buga won!

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