Why I Proudly Took Wife’s Last Name When We Got Married

Sean Michael Mesidor married the love of his life Simone in September of 2018 and took on his wife’s last name to become Sean Michael Wellington for the sake of legacy.

His mother in law had endured several miscarriages and after only having daughters there would be no “boy Wellington” to pass on their last name.

Why I (Proudly) Took My Wife’s Last Name When We Got Married

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Becoming the son they never had, he decided to carry the Wellington name to pass on to the next generation of black children who he also believed would have an advantage of an ambiguous last name for future career choices. via: @essence

What do you think?
Fellas: Would you take on your wife’s last name?
Ladies: How would you feel if your husband wanted to take your last name?

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