The AMVCA is upon us, it’s an eight-day event and I’ll be busy activating with brands. I can’t wait. (Photo credit: AMVCA)

Hello folks, thanks for always reading my posts. I have been feeding you all scraps for a few days now; I know you’re expecting me to say, “there will always be days like that,” taa! You lie, okay, you didn’t cos I have to say that again… Sorry, okay?

The Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards is upon us, it is an eight-day event this year, and I will be working on the showpiece; I’m excited about it but not for the stress that will come with it. I am not complaining, by the way, just saying.

Tomorrow’s first day is the opening day, and it is happening at the luxurious Monarch event center, Lekki. It will be sensational with Amstel, Lush, and Moet fighting for attention, you know where my loyalty lies? Amstel and Nigerian Breweries…

Day two is for fashion, happening at the Balmoral convention center, Monday is for the Multichoice Talent Factory; I definitely will not go for that, of course, except I have to stand in for someone, I will not complain, I’ll gladly do.

Content marketing day is on Tuesday, right? Or is it Wednesday? I’ll check, but that is “dem” Macaroni and Taooma day; they can have fun… Nah, I’ll be there; I think Desperados and Amstel will be busy that day; wanna come?

There’s culture day, it’s for food and finger foods, for African prints and street credibility, Tiger Beer, Desperados and Amstel will be there, I think Lush too… it would be fun and I’m looking forward to it, trust me it’s not for the food but I don’t need to convince you.

The award night is going to be lit, and then the after-party… OMG! I can’t wait.

The team is getting ready for the set up and all, man’s gotta go. See you soon

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