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Was Judas Iscariot really a bad guy?

I know y’all hate Judas and would never name your son after him, I won’t either but wasn’t he judged harshly? (Photo credit: Google of course)

What is the hatred for Judas Iscariot for? Yes, you read me right; why do Christians especially hate Judas and relate every bad behavior to him? Someone is acting up as a back-stabber, they say he’s a Judas, someone pulls the plug on you, and you brand him Judas. Do you care to tell me why?

I understand what Judas’ act means to Christians; I know about the kiss that gave Jesus away and how people relate his act to every negative thing you can think of, but since no one got the opportunity to interview the poor man before he hung himself, could he have something he would have loved to share?

Let’s take it back to where it started; the Bible is complete, with nothing missing, nothing broken, and chronicles the events surrounding the business transaction between Judas Iscariot and his business partners. At the same time, the item he traded brought an eternal curse on him; I can understand why he chose a less traveled hustle; allow me to explain.

Do we all agree that if Jesus Christ didn’t want to surrender Himself for the arrest, 1million Judases could not do jack shit? And since it was already written that one of the disciples would be used against Him, it could have been anyone else… right?

Now, I am not excusing bad behavior or making an excuse for any backstabber; I am just saying there are interesting sides to Judas Iscariot that the Christian World has refused to acknowledge, and I am here to walk you through them; if you listen, I will still tell you regardless.

I wasn’t there when it happened but has anyone thought of the event from this angle? Judas thought Jesus Christ had so many powers that no one could arrest him? The terms of his deal with the bad guys didn’t include Judas owing them anything outside pointing out who the Messiah was;

Look at it this way: Judas thought since his job description was to point Jesus to them, he cashes out, and Jesus disappears, knowing Christ is forgiving, Baba forgives him, and life continues, he buys Benz, and no one has to walk a distance or collects someone’s donkey on credit or by “ayaj” again… Am I making sense?

I strongly feel that Judas thought Jesus was too big to be arrested by those punks, he wanted to scam them, collect their money, point Jesus to them and when Baba disappears, he would laugh at them and move on with his loot, weyreh place his Savior on OLX, bastard!

It was bad business, I agree, but if it weren’t the time for Jesus to pull the plug on His sojourn on earth, then it would have been a masterstroke from Judas. “Na overthinking kill am” was just a crazy guy with badass business ideas; his descendants are those bringing up Ponzi schemes and oil bunkering, and God will punish them…

I know no one would agree with me but you can leave your takes in the comment section, I will come back with a sequel to this on why y’all should forgive Judas Iscariot; if he didn’t do that… Would anyone have found salvation?

To be continued…

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