Ancient Religion now accessed with Technology. Circa :2019

Ifa App

Impressive Development. As we move into the future, preservation of heritage, culture and craft would take a whole new dimensions.
An example is this, a new approach to ifa divination system, are we securing and protecting heritage with these new technological approach or watering down the very essence of its originality and beauty.

The app, developed by Onaje Woodbine (right), includes drawings by Woodbine’s wife, Folasade, as well as Yoruba singing and other information. Photos by Cydney Scott

The scene is replete with traditional African images, from the loose-fitting robes of the priests—Onaje Woodbine (GRS’12) in gold-tinged white and his wife, Folasade, in blue striped with black—to the wooden figures of deities fringing the floor where the Woodbines sit.

The two are explaining how to use a divination chain, strung with eight large seeds the size of walnuts. In the ancient African Yoruba religion, a priest tosses the chain on the ground; depending on the arrangement of the seeds when it lands (there are 256 possible configurations), the priest recites different verses containing the wisdom of the orishas, or divinities. But this is the 21st century, and now a priest-in-training can reach the orishas on her cellphone.

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