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I lost a lot of money, and I got addicted to substances – Timaya

One day, I joined some friends who were in high spirits. Curious, I inquired about their source of joy, and they shared it with me. After trying it, I experienced an intense euphoria. The happiness was addictive. I found myself indulging multiple times a day, spending exorbitant amounts on it. Soon, I spiralled into addiction, losing money and valuable contracts. I nearly hit rock bottom, realizing I was paying for a counterfeit form of happiness. Happiness should be innate, not purchased and consumed multiple times a day.

To my fellow young people, the allure of drugs can lead you down a dark path. Beware of those who introduce you to such substances. Quitting becomes exponentially harder once you start. Consider your roots—your family needs your support. Instead of chasing temporary highs, focus on building a meaningful life grounded in authentic joy and purpose.

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