I’m tired of vendors… They will frustrate you

Vendors will give you migraine, covid and traumatic feelings in one hit, it’s crazy. (Photo credit: pixabay)

Very early on this journey I talked about a laundry man that took my living room curtain and didn’t return it till date, I’m sure I also mentioned some “what I ordered vs what I got” stories in that article, vendors will frustrate you especially if you’re at their mercy, it’s their turn today.

I know the place of serious conversations and urgency is being eroded by cruise and bants but irresponsible vendors exist, those that will take your money and not come through, many of these people would even try to blackmail you to thinking it’s your fault, it’s crazy.

Imagine a photographer that took 70% down payment to offer service at a wedding today, when called this morning was asking if today is the date, after feigning ignorance of date, he sent a text that he’s in Ibadan yen yen yen, someone’s wedding!

I got a new AC for my living room recently. After installation, it was draining water into the living room and I called the technician that got it and fixed it for me to come check it, apart from the fact that this clueless guy left me unattended to for days, he made the AC worse and I had to engage another technician last night, who do bad things happen to good people?

We make use of lots of vendors on my job, experiential marketing means you have to fabricate stuff, build and design activation elements and produce uniforms amongst others, I can’t count how many times we’ve had to fast and pray for vendors to not allow devil to use them.

There’s this guy that does printing for us, to be honest, we should not lie and we should not steal, this guy is really trying but he’s beginning to play god and it’s annoying. His name is Pappy, there’s no day we don’t need this guy but he’s holding us by the jugular.

Pappy will not pick call, he will only run the samples he likes and there’s very little we can do, well the woman next door hardly makes things easy but Pappy is becoming annoying abeg, it’s even how he makes my people call and call before he shows up for me… Nonsense.

You’re rendering a service that someone is paying for, why do they have to beg you to deliver on agreements? Those that go out of their way to come through on agreements don’t have two heads na or do that? Oh that reminds me of this one, you too see…

So this girl was meant to deliver a dress to Demilade sometime last year, after wasting her time and making her wait endlessly, she delivered oversized nonsense and for her to make adjustments, it took another whole month, I saw her status not long after wondering why she doesn’t have plenty customers, you can’t sis… You can’t.

Seyi (Project Lead) at my end has lost weight in the past few days simply because he has to chase vendors, I’m actually not laughing at him but omo! I can’t deal. One has decided to work with you from all the plenty competitors you have and you still think moving mad is the best way?

There is also a place of dispatch riders but not today, Ah! Not today abeg because these ones give me panic attacks, I am still suffering from PTSD from managing this business for around a year, no matter how well you treat your riders, they will disappoint you.

There was a day Tiwalade gave her orders to a rider, she begged the rider to deliver that day, it was a Friday and the customer needed it the next day. It was a jewelry set and the person was getting married the next day, Lol Lade found out around 9pm thereabouts that the rider hadn’t delivered.

She called and the rider said he was home with his wife and no Jupiter will bring him out, Uncle but you promised me you’ll deliver, what is all these? He dropped the phone, poor upcoming entrepreneur in the poteax poteax, muddest mud.

She had to raise another rider to go pick up from the useless rider around LASU, before going to deliver at another extreme end at the dead of night, she went out of her way to come through for her customer, that’s an example but again, I leave dispatch riders for another day.

What is your experience with vendors? Tailors, furniture/carpenter/upholstery folks, dry cleaners, welders, mechanics – these ones are pure idiots, in fact their place in hell is forever secured. I won’t laugh at you, please share your experience and please, leave your name behind for me to know. T for thanks.

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