Break the bias… Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day to every woman out there, continue to break the bias. I love you okay? (Photo credit: Google)

Today is the international women’s day and I’m joining my voice with the rest of the world to wish every woman out there, whether you read my stories or nah the very best of celebration, I’m 100% for the protection of women and I hope you continue to break the bias.

No long talk today really, it’s about doing our best to ensure the world is safe for women to live in, respect them and hand them equal opportunities in all spheres, it’s actually not too hard to do, we just have to try and it starts with the man in the mirror.

I’m excited right now as I type this because my contribution to the Lush Hair campaign came out amazing and it’s trending, we tried to represent different biases women face and we placed A-boards beside them with different captions, have you seen them?

It’s not about me today really, it’s about that family that is on fire because the woman gave birth to four girls and no male child, it’s about the fact that someone in that family thinks the ladies don’t have a future, hence the attack on the wife like she was the only one responsible for the gender of the children.

Today is about those that think a woman’s place is only in the kitchen, those that feel the woman shouldn’t have a say at meetings when she can be in there preparing food for those gathered, don’t pretend like y’all don’t do it.

This is about a certain church that thinks a woman can’t pray on the congregation, they even have bible passages to back up their stupid bias, some will even say a woman can’t climb their pulpit, bloody ass hypocrite with the nonsense apron they wear on top of their dresses.

This is for those that feel a woman can’t be their boss, ori yin o pe and I said what I said. I’ve had the best of female bosses and they’re legit breaking the bias, my industry has lots of amazing women pulling their weights and I’m proud of them.

Some men are even easily intimidated by women, omo! I have never been attracted to a weak woman and if you know me at all you’ll know I choose my women, how do you even cope with easy women? Gimme my crazy ass Cookie everyday and three times on Sundays abeg, you can have your cherries. Thank you.

Someone is driving crap ahead, thereby causing traffic, you’re quick to say “that must be a woman”, you’re one of them and you need to unlearn that nonsense bias, the craziest of drivers are men, have you met Tudeme and Shuaib?

Lol attendants at eateries, filling stations and malls will take debit card from a lady and after entering details on the POS, they will hand it over to the man to input pin, who told you the card belongs to the guy? It’s a bias, unlearn it.

Like I said earlier, I’m not doing shalaye today, Deola Extra Smooth is currently annoying me but it’s a day for women, she can enjoy. Here’s me wishing y’all the best of your heart desires as you continue to break the bias.

Thank you all for reading my stories, y’all are the real MVPs. You’re allowed to ask me anything today, you have a wildcard. Also remember to drop by @Springers24 junction when surfing on the street of Instagram and Twitter ✌🏼

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