If you won’t say it, just hush!

If you won’t say it… Just hush!

This goes out to everyone that pauses halfway while trying to pass information, just shut up! And no, I’m not angry. (Photo credit: Dunno where I got it from TBH)

If you call me to tell me you have a gist for me, and in-between the conversation, you change your mind and go “never mind” or “I don’t feel like telling you again”, you will have to wake Bin Laden from his grave for me to ask you again.

I love gists, not exactly an “amebo” but I could use some juicy stories sometimes, but if you want to act God over an information that would not make me richer or taller, tell me why I should worship you when I can just log on to Twitter for better stories that touch?

Ladies especially have this thing in them, start a conversation and keep you hanging halfway, especially when they’re gossiping about their friends or yours, or telling you about a movie they saw, it’s not that deep aunty you can keep the gist.

An uncle used to tell his wife “It’s better for you not to know than for you to know”, he’s a serial cheat so it doesn’t exactly apply to this context, but that statement helps me to ignore stories that do not directly concern me or add value to me, let me give an example.

I was doing great, 100% fine before a call came in to confirm that I had Covid. Immediately I dropped that call, I started running temperature, my throat started itching, it suddenly felt like there was a wrestling match going on in my head, do you get me now?

There’s a reason a Yoruba adage says “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”, that might be debatable in other contexts but it’s applicable to this article. You might also take this as a public service announcement, don’t start a conversation you won’t finish, I will not beg you for balance.

Eh ehn, there’s this situation where you start forming angry around me, then I ask you and you continue to say nothing, if I ask you twice and you say nothing, then it is nothing, if I ask you again let my data finish, that should tell you the extent.

If you’re not brave enough to talk about something then bury it, I understand I can’t teach you how to react if you’re hurt of if you’re unhappy about something, but don’t make the air toxic with your facial expression, you want it sorted? Fucking talk about it and that’s on periodt.

There are some vendors, especially on IG and Twitter, they will post items and ask you to DM for price. My history with many of them is well documented so even if I want to be scammed, it won’t be that easy, sorry I will not DM if you can’t put price on it publicly.

You comment under the post and ask for price, you’ll hear “DM for price”, nonsense and ingredients, no sis, put it on the TL let everyone see how much you’re selling it. “Rush me with your orders” but I should come inside the other room for details?

Finally, you see all those “did you hear what they said about you?”, No I didn’t hear and I’m not interested, if e sure for them they will say it to my face. You might want to count grains of rice or help Tinubu paste election posters if you’re jobless.

I know most of you enjoy amebo in full gear and won’t see the point I’m making, so I leave you to go back to the blogs you’re following for stories that do not concern you, as long as it makes your day, grab popcorn and Coke to enjoy every bit of it.

I rest here, need to find solutions to this headache. Didn’t sleep all night and while the insomnia isn’t a new thing, coming along with headaches isn’t fair, my enemies are after me, please send me catfish pepper soup. Thank you and see y’all tomorrow.

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