Naija jollof beats Ghana jollof hands down

Naija Jollof beats Ghana Jollofs everyday and three times on Sundays. That’s my verdict and that’s on periodt! (Photo credit: Stephanie’s kitchen)

Hello everyone, especially those that reached out yesterday to send me love and light after my eye surgery, it means so much to me and all I can say is thank you.

The eye is open but there’s still little I can do, but I have to write something so I’ll just rant about how difficult it was to watch the “Jollof derby” of last night with one eye and how everything was looking weird and double to me, it wasn’t funny to be honest.

The stitches are off, for those trying to call me on video to laugh at me. I don’t know how those that live with one eye manage, let alone those in complete darkness, I agree totally that the eye remains the king of the body parts and we must guard it with everything we have.

I saw optical illusion without even having to try, everything looked strange, colors weren’t the same the fact that I must not sweat added to the conundrum or did they give you power supply at your end? Burning fuel was the only option and that is now a norm.

So after all the mouth both sides made, they had to settle for a goalless draw, nonsense and ingredients but I’m honestly not worried, Ghana can’t stop us from going to the World Cup, the best they can get is the draw they got on their home soil, they will lose sorely in Abuja next week Tuesday.

I heard John Dumelo said he’d trek to Lagos if they lost to us last night lol, he’s one of my favs so I won’t drag him here but I hope he says the same for the second leg, I’d personally offer him water that would aid his trekking from Abuja back to Accra.

The match was boring, I actually thought it was because I was watching with one eye, it didn’t live up to the hype one bit and I hope they don’t give us that nonsense of a drab show in the second leg, none of all the players deserved jollof rice to be honest.

What was Etebo doing after the referee called off the penalty he awarded to Nigeria? Make me understand, VAR already ruled it out, what was that dramatic display of lunacy for? Lol it was Ndidi’s absence that caused this nonsense, he wouldn’t even be playing in the first place.

Fine boy keeper was absent, trust me if he was in goal yesterday, Ghana would have scored because one of those chances would have gone in, by now there would have been a meltdown on social media, let him just sit out the second leg too, na beg I dey beg.

Let’s talk about Ghana Jollof and Naija Jollof, why is there even a contest? I’ve had the two and I don’t even understand the basis for comparison, Naija Jollof beats Ghana Jollof hands down, it’s clear as day, like black and white.

I know someone is about to ask who made me a food judge as I’m terrible on the topic, the fact I can’t cook or that I don’t eat much doesn’t mean my opinion doesn’t count so please gedifok. Naija Jollof over Ghana Jollof every day and three times on Sundays.

How’s your weekend going? Have you had the two jollofs? Which is better for you? What are your predictions for the second leg of the game between Nigeria and Ghana? I’ll be reading in the comment section.

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