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I don’t want war but I stand with Russia

Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy is crying over the silence of world powers in the wake of the Russian invasion, what was he expecting? May God end this war ASAP.
strictly writer’s opinion

Dear God, it’s not like I’m telling you what to do, but please end this crisis in Ukraine ASAP, na beg I dey beg, thank you boss.

To every conflict, there’s always something to listen to from both warring parties. The brewing war in Ukraine didn’t start today and while the journalism available to most Nigerians on CNN is somewhat biased, running with the “Putin is evil” mantra might be unfair.

Everyone is talking about the situation in Ukraine, of course except your “slay mammas” and “woke papas” who litter status updates with memes and hide under cruise to join bandwagons, they clearly don’t understand what’s going on so they’re sitting this one out, yes I’m dragging you.

The war is here already because Russia already encroached and as at the time of penning this piece, the Russian troops are approaching Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital. It’s a long story and I’ll try to summarize as succinctly as I can, from my own lenses and little research.

It’s possible you don’t know the USSR story, it was a larger family that had Russia and Ukraine in it way back before the Nazi invasion, World War 2 taught Russia bitter lessons and Ukraine eventually broke away, animosities existed ever since.

We must talk about the influence of the United States at some points. We all know how much of a bully y’all’s dream country is, they’re obviously uncomfortable with Russia’s strength in weaponry and whatnot, they want to control every nation, someone has to stop at some points.

Vladmir Putin, the Russian president only wants one thing: Stay the fuck away from our country, mind your business and we’ll mind ours, but big bullies won’t listen and because they can’t do much directly, they started encouraging nonsense in Ukraine, war is inevitable.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was set up according to the founders to protect member nations, if you study their operations from inception, it’s about taking charge of other people’s regions and the next question you’d ask would by why does Russia oppose the membership of Ukraine.

Let’s establish this: If Ukraine joins NATO, America will move closer to the borders of Russia and lock them in, it would be easy to fight and defeat Russia in the case of any war, no sane president will open his or her eyes and allow that to happen, “even” my country’s president “shouldn’t” allow that.

Sometime in 2014, after the coup and counter coup in Ukraine, the government of the day proposed a move to remove Russia as the official language in Ukraine, but Eastern Ukraine (Donetsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, and Odessa) that speak Russian felt that was an attack on their ethnicity, they threatened to break out of Ukraine.

Shortly after then, Russia started sending supports to these people that felt maligned, and subsequently, these tiny regions declared sovereignty, making them an independent nation, with the backing of Russia of course, things got really tensed in that region.

Just like NATO continued to carry out military exercises in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, Russia was doing same in some regions in Ukraine, after all it was a move to protect the people of Russia, is there a crime in that? Or if America and NATO can do it, others can’t?

US and the EU imposed economic sanctions on Russia because of this, the Russian economy suffered, but Russia is responsible for about 50% of the gas used in Europe, what do you expect? Putin switched off supplies and Europe started suffering, let’s all be mad together, sanctions were lifted shortly afterwards.

What is the bone of contention now? Putin has repeatedly asked NATO to stop encroaching on Russia’s borders, Ukraine can’t join NATO, we established that earlier, but NATO were forming deaf and dumb, NATO has surrounded Russia and Ukraine is the last bit before they take over the entire region, if you were Putin, would you agree? Talk true o.

I understand Ukraine doesn’t want those regions to break away, same way Nigeria won’t entertain any break away talks by any part of the country, but there are better ways to manage things, too much trust in NATO and the US is what will make them suffer now.

Putin remembers the Libya incident, how US and NATO invaded and ousted Ghaddafi, Libya is currently a shadow of her beautiful past, why should Putin allow that? It’s only a matter of when, not if Russia will be attacked by US under the NATO disguise, God forbid bad thing abeg.,

Let me ask you, what protocol did US respect when they attacked Iraq? I am not even a preacher of violence and I certainly won’t support war, but should Russia lie there like Manchester United and be forming old glory while small nations jonze them?

Russia has decided to recognize the tiny regions breaking out of Ukraine, if they don’t and in time too, Ukraine, through the help of USA will cripple those regions and because of their proximity to Russia, it’s rough play for Russia to allow it.

As a Nigerian, you’re aware of the agitations of BIAFRA to tear out of Nigeria, now imagine BIAFRA asking to join a force that is waging war against Nigeria, would you allow it? Putin is a bad guy yen yen yen, but he isn’t the Russian president to surrender his people to their enemies.

Great leaders live and die by their decisions, and Russia must fight before Ukraine sell them into captivity, look at Ukraine now, the “agbayas” that supported them are now wishing them love and light from distance, is Putin a joke to you?

I am praying the God of my fathers to wade in and restore peace, so the blood of so many innocent people that weren’t there when Ukraine was flirting with NATO and Co wouldn’t be sacrificed, I pray this ends pretty soon, but I stand with Putin and the people of Russia… And that’s actually on periodt!

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