My friend Slimee is a great guy

He posted this picture recently on his return from Dubai with HIS WIFE, read that again, he’s not single. (Photo credit: Naija Pundits)

Let me remind you again that if you’re my friend, this moving train will hit you someday. You don’t have to agree with my write-up on you, I challenge you to pick your pen and write about me too if you’re slighted or you feel a need to equalize, today it’s the turn of Mr. ASK!

Abdulsadiq Kosoko is one of the friends I made from Naija Pundits, one of the lively baggers in there with lots of energy to go around, a man of many colors, great on most days and a full blown nuisance on other days, I like him a lot and I’ll tell you why.

Slimee, as he’s fondly called is into real estate and he’s not hesitant to help my forays into that industry, looks like all of them in that field are rich, I want to be rich too so I have started selling properties, edakun I’m begging you, come and buy what I’m selling.

Shey I said we call him Slimee, he’s no longer slim. Since he got married, his tummy has started protruding, his wife is certainly doing a great job in that regard. He is one of the most helpful guys I know, he’s the type that delivers opportunities at people’s doorsteps, great guy I said.

I insist he should have been sent off when Naija Pundits played Courteville FC in the second leg, he was the reason we didn’t win that game, he spent the entirety of the game complaining like a goat, to think he was our best player in the first leg.

Slimee is the life of the party, when he’s not engaging Bellerin in needless sarcastic banter over Nigerian politics, he’s one of those that make us laugh our hearts out and he does so effortlessly without even knowing at all, only God knows where he gets his stickers from too.

When he told us he was getting married, the first question I asked him was to be sure his bride already saw all his shades especially when he’s complaining, dude regurgitates like goats… Just let me call him a goat officially and move on to the next point.

I’m sure we’ll one day talk about Tope, maybe not but it’s worth talking about someday. Another case of him trying to help his single friend about four years ago now, that didn’t go as planned for just one reason, we should talk about it someday, well I’ll write about it on this journey too so… Anticipate.

Slimee supports Manchester United and he likes Anthony Martial, that should tell you something because they both have something in common, they’re frustrating. He’s very difficult to debate with and when he comes to ask me what I mean by this I won’t answer because I don’t have energy to argue.

You’ll easily mistake him for a northerner because of his looks, I legit worry for him if he decides to visit ESN dominated areas in the eastern part of Nigeria, he’s not Bellerin so I expect him to apply wisdom but his occasional stubbornness can put him in trouble in that regard.

Slimee made our last hangout fun, I think I should have a pic of him that someone around him shouldn’t see, he knows what to do if he wants to be safe, I don’t talk too much. Mhen his 4Loco drink na die, not sure I’m ever trying that drink again.

I didn’t talk about his helpful nature enough, no one else shares the link to my blogposts as much as Slimee, not like he benefits anything from doing so, it’s just his nature to help, you don’t even have to particularly be on good terms at the time, if it’s within his powers, he got you but idiot has decided not to gimme money, we move.

Dude is hardworking AF and I’m proud of how far he has come, he’s living the life and I’m loving it. With Russia and Ukraine moving mad, I don’t know if all these riches he’s amassing will count in heaven should these mad people wipe us out but I’m for his Aliko Dangote drive, go boy!

I see Slimee on Forbes list faster than anyone else around me, he’s got the ambition and I believe in him die, he has to detach himself from Tunde Fancy and all the links to distractions really, or why does he always tag you when he sees new x-rated videos? O wrong na.

One last thing, Slimee is a man of style. He has more natives than anyone else I know and his designer is trying, Dipo even said recently that Slimee is richer than his MD, you have to look damn good for such complement to fly around, big ups son

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