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I Saw A Dead Woman…

I saw a woman I later learned was dead, so I'm asking: Is there a life after death on earth? (Photo credit: Google)
I saw a woman I later learned was dead, so I'm asking: Is there a life after death on earth? (Photo credit: Google)

I know sensationalism sells, people are always interested in mysterious stories and that is why some radio programs where terrestrial powers are discussed have a huge following, I personally see them as pure nonsense…

I know a lot of people who don’t believe there’s anything like charms and jazz as we call them, I fall into that category but that’s not the crux of this article, the big question I’m here to ask today is: Do people that die still walk around on the surface of the earth?

I’ll give a few real-life examples; when LG had my first niece in 2015, I was at Eslia Communications and I needed to stop by at their house to formally introduce myself to the day-old young girl, she’s so adorable, I’ll post her picture here someday…

I was going to join the BRT from Fadeyi to Ikorodu on this fateful day, as a physically challenged guy I always have the advantage over others, no queues and I don’t even have to pay, lose a limb or go blind if you wanna enjoy such favours…

I saw an old woman on the BRT queue, while waiting for the next one to arrive, I left my privileged stand to go greet her, she was one of those street old women in my native street in Ibadan, one of those CCTV women that try to know everything about you, I greeted her and she spoke with me like family…

I gave her #1000, she prayed as always and I went back to my entry point as I was going to enter before anyone else, it’s sleek to be physically challenged you know, she took her place in the bus according to the queue and even stopped long before I got to Benson which was my bus-stop.

My mom was at my brothers’, of course, she was there to fulfil the rites for the newborn, after the excitement of meeting my niece, I told her about the meeting with the old woman and she screamed God forbid! I wondered why and she said the woman died over a year ago, I was shell shocked!

In the midst of the conversation, LG (My brother’s wife) told me of a similar incident, I didn’t get over the episode for months, did I meet the dead? Was that woman a doppelganger? Nah that was not the case cos this woman asked of every one of my siblings and called them by their names, it was traumatic.

Over a year later I was having a discussion with Adebayo Tijani, a seasoned Yoruba film director, he told me a similar story and considering his own background, it was normal to him, he believes when people die, they come back to life and even start fresh existence elsewhere, that was gibberish to me.

Sometime in 2020, one of my senior colleagues (LAK) told me of a family that were receiving random gifts from strangers after their patriarch passed away, according to him and trust me he was highly convinced, the gifts were coming from their father that passed away, it still didn’t make sense to me.

A few weeks ago, an old friend called to tell me a story that left me speechless, he said his late grandmother was always coming in flesh to give him money, this guy studied Economics at the London School of Economics, he’s civilized by all standards, now I’m asking… Do dead people truly come around?

My father passed away in October of 2019, around July of 2021 I met an old friend who told me she saw my father earlier in the year at a religious conference, I laughed it off but in the real sense of it, do dead people still come around?

Forget Africa Magic for a moment, forget tales by moonlight and all those African series we grew up to listen to, forget make-beliefs and stories that touch, do you by any means think dead people come around in a way?

Personally, I think it’s crap, but the woman I saw at the BRT queue told me about something that happened long ago, she knew a lot about me and my family, she knew about the trouble I ran into sometime in the year 2000 and surrounding stories, how did that happen?

If you’ve read any of my scripts you’ll never see anything religious or traditional, I avoid them because I have no belief in them, it’s been a long-standing perception and I don’t intend to go down that route now, but do dead people really come around?

Cookie told me about stories of mysterious happenings in Ekiti where she comes from, I’ve heard a lot and even listened to Kola Olawuyi way back even though I always thought they were concocted stories, but do you think those stories were true?

If you have evidence please hit me up, for me, I’m confused and really want answers, like some think Tupac is alive and he’s in Mexico, nonsense by all standards but do you honestly think some dead people still mix with us?

Is your neighbour a dead man that came back to life? Is your girlfriend  “akudaaya” as the Yoruba people call them? I’d like to read from you and if you do find time to drop a comment, please drop your name as well so I can add you to my community… I’m confused, please set me free, I need to ask you, What do you believe? Share your opinion in the comment section below

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