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My Church’s Choir Master 🎶

dekunbi, a big brother and friend. One of those I can truly call a leader of men. (Photo credit: Facebook)

It was my first day at the church, my neighbour had told me a whole lot about the prayers and not like I needed the information, as my background was deeply rooted in CAC, proximity already played the needed influence so it was more like fuel and lighter.

4th of January 2015, I was starting a new job the next day I think and most people in my shoes would consider a prayerful start, it was a big leap but a story for another day. It was a revival, a customary thing at the start of the year in the church, I enjoyed it and I knew from that point I’d be attending the church from then on.

I wriggled through the crowd, got downstairs but had to stand aside to allow the traffic subside, I was spotting an Arsenal jersey, a guy in Chelsea jersey tapped me on the chest, he tried bragging a bit which is what they’re known for, he helped me to a seat behind two ladies while I waited on the crowd to be fully dispersed.

In those five minutes of patience, the two ladies exchanged heated arguments in a hushed tone, again my hare ears came through, I heard everything they said, they were arguing about a guy in the church, from the conversation, one of them liked the guy but the other was moving too close to the guy…

It took a long while for me to figure, but I eventually found out they were bickering over Isaac Adekunbi, the church’s choirmaster. You know how it actually is with these special humans, Sammie Okposo comes to mind, right? You get it but this particular guy isn’t one of them, take that from me.

Mr Adekunbi is heavy on discipline, for a church as big as ours, and the age range of the people he leads, how he manages well over 50 people without stories that touch should be packaged as a course at Harvard University.

He was one of my alibis as a bachelor for a very long time until he finally decided to get married in the wee hours of 2020, but before he did, I know at least three ladies that invested time and emotions on him, there’s no record of him leading anyone on, but ladies know how to conjure what doesn’t exist.

I am always for celebrating those that deserve it while they’re here, and this guy deserves my respect by all standards. Man-management is a major skill in life, in all facets of life and most especially, sensitive set up like my church, Isaac Adekunbi is a great guy.

We had a change of guard at the top four years ago, one of the new head pastor’s daughters is a chorister and wanted to join the choir; it’s a standard practice that intending members must wait some time out, probably for proper induction or observation, I was watching how that would go.

Lo and behold, Joyce sat on the bench for the standard waiting time before being featured, one would have expected a different treatment because she’s from the altar. No one would have questioned Isaac if he decided to hand a starting shirt to Joyce Miller, he didn’t and that earned him my respect.

I learned accountability from Mr Isaac Adekunbi, there was a period of unrest at the digital media unit where he was also the team lead, while it was out of our hands as the active players of that scandal were officers above us, his demeanour and crisis management helped to a certain extent.

Speaking of conservatism and the grace of factoring in the size of your materials before you speak with your designer, I saw a lot in him in that regard even tho I didn’t particularly adopt his style, he is a man of strong will, you can talk from today till next summer, he will do what he will do.

I mentioned he finally got married, his choice was the beautiful Hannah and not long ago, they welcomed a set of twice, one gender apiece, a true reflection of God showing up for one of his own. Sunday the 13th was his birthday and this is just my own way of saying best birthday wishes to my church’s choirmaster.

Oh, he doesn’t always come through with my favourite hymns, and I will have to show him pepper one day. He will send us (Digital Media Unit) their hymn for the day and I will project something else, you have been warned.

Of course, there’s always a moment we won’t agree, there was a day he passed a comment about my relationship with a lady in church, I didn’t reply to the message out of respect, you’re allowed to have an opinion, but I doubt you have the full context, I’ll leave it there because that is well and truly buried now

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