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“For better for worse” is not in the Bible

The marriage institution is only beautiful when you’re with the right partner, walking away alive is better than dying in misery. (Photo credit: Google)

I’ve spoken about my fear of divorce a couple of times and even referenced a very close family, I see the need to write about this topic again, and this time, I have to go with the handbrakes off and even sub some people I know personally that have decided to die in slavery.

I have never been married, I know someone will say it’s not my place to talk about what I have never experienced but my parents were married for 37 years before my father passed away and I never saw him beat my mother once, I also have a few other examples so miss me with the experience nonsense.

The gospel singer that died wasn’t the only one enduring an abusive marriage, the worst ones are the church-related families where someone will remind you that God hates divorce, where is “for better for worse” written in the bible that you carry about? Can you show me?

When Matilda got married, she knew she wasn’t supposed to go down that lane but she was 37 and she felt this monster called Ibrahim was her last hope; it was a case of religious battles against logic, everyone that asked her to think twice was blocked including yours truly.

Matilda didn’t live to tell the story, she wasn’t only a punching bag, she was also a subject of molestation of every form, of course, she couldn’t run to her church at that point and she wasn’t even going to listen to the voice of reasoning… Ibrahim took another wife in January.

I’ll come back to the issue of “till death do us part”, who are these idiots that enjoy keeping quiet when they see someone suffering in an abusive marriage and then come out to sew threads on social media when the worst happens? I will never understand you people.

A lot of people suddenly had something to say after the gospel singer passed away, what did you do while it was still redeemable? Where are the records of your efforts to get her out of the slavery that eventually took her life? To what end is the story you’re telling now when you could have saved her?

In every language I understand, I wish to announce to you that marriage is not for everyone and yes, I said what I said. We have to come to terms with the fact that anyone that sees violence as the only way to pass a message should never get married because you’ll most likely kill someone.

A man that beats you once will beat you every frigging day of your life, you’re just one provocation away from bruises and red eyes, the people telling you to that there are no perfect relationships will tell the world that you married your abusive partners out of desperation, you’ll be the fool at the end of the day.

Almost every week, there’s a story of a yahoo boy decimating his girlfriend but guess what? Being called “Olori cash money spending” and using the latest gadgets while chilling on the front seat of the red Venza is enough consolation, you’re an idiot and I’m here to tell you.

I once had a neighbor that killed his pregnant wife over a football match, I’ll have the courage to write about that unfortunate incident someday but as a woman in an abusive marriage, God will not forgive you if you die in there, you’re an accomplice because you failed to run when you can.

The world is already hard to live in, why making it harder for yourself by living with someone that wants to kill you? I know of an abusive woman too which means it swings both ways but what is the ratio against each other? The slap of today will turn to heavy pounding tomorrow, be wise or die cheaply.

Love is beautiful but only when you’re with the right person. Some will tell you to stay in hell for the sake of your children, when you’re dead trust me, someone else will take care of your children, you can only do so much while you’re alive… A word is enough for the wise.

The church is the biggest scam in all of these, they know what is going on in homes but they hardly say the truth, don’t let a silly pastor kill you, if it isn’t working, walk away when you can, or be ferried out in caskets on a journey of no return. Oluwa a wa pelu e o.

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