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Is there good in evil? – This is not even funny

Good in bad

There’s good in evil and there’s evil in good, I always argued when people use this expression but I think I get it now and no matter how hard I try as a positive experience, I must admit that life was created on the platform of good and evil…

Earlier yesterday I got very bad news on a project I already invested resources – emotions and time inclusive in, we were trying to get approval from the family of a late musician to film a story of his time alive and the power of his magical craft;

Of course, the family were asking for an outrageous amount of money when we were actually doing them a favour. They managed to go behind us to inundate a filmmaking veteran of our plans and considering his clout, he latched on it and the rest is history.

Just as I was mulling over the hurts, my phone started buzzing with reviews from the International Women’s Day campaign we ran for Lush Hair, the views and conversations it sparked was not only heartwarming but also rewarding… I digress.

I remember an old friend that missed a flight because he had an accident just as he was about to drive into the airport, his windshield was broken but nothing happened to him personally, he was bitter he missed the flight and was cursing his luck because he was going for a business meeting that had a time frame.

A few hours later, we learned of a bomb explosion at the same axis he was to travel to, lots of lives went with the incident and he could have been too. As he lay on the hospital bed thinking of the potential business loss, it dawned on him that it wasn’t actually his loss.

I have lots of personal experiences to throw under this bridge, the goal is not to dwell under the poor man’s consolation, but to actually realize and admit that some things aren’t exactly the way we see them and the saying “all things work together for good” isn’t actually “sakamanje”.

There are times something would happen to me and in the process of nursing hurts, I’d figure out that either something better happens or I get to realize why it happened, maybe we just need to be a lot patient and things would begin to make sense to us.

From your feedback, looks like the shorter the better so I’ll no longer be doing too much shalaye on this blog of course except I have to, and here’s me saying thank you to everyone that reads, comments and shares my posts, not like y’all owe me this.

So what is that “good in evil” moment you have to share? I’d love to read from you and in case you haven’t seen the Lush International Women’s Day campaign, click here to check it out 😊😊

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